When our eldest daughter was entering the 7th grade we attended a seminar on the topic of college distance learning. We were just beginning to formulate a vision for earning college credits during high school. We had many of the typical questions about diplomas and college entrance. But we had other questions too. We noticed that typical college courses, especially those pertaining to the social sciences, seemed to target and deliberately challenge the student's worldview. We also had concerns about the rising cost of college and the amount of time consumed in simply earning a degree. These obstacles ultimately led to our ClepPrep journey.

The knowledge we share here is an accumulation of information passed onto us by others who have paved the way. We are truly grateful for their pioneer spirit. We thank them for their willingness to share their wisdom with us. Now we pass that information onto you, combined with our own relevant experience. ClepPrep is having a positive impact in an ever-changing academic world.

Yes! Every degree our children earned cost us under $10,000 total cost per child. Our students saved time, effort, and money. Their degrees are from accredited colleges and are widely respected.

Our eldest daughter (now in her 30's and married), earned her BA in Communication through Thomas Edison State University and immediately began a career as a writer for the local Press. She used a combination of CLEP, online courses, and brick and mortar classes to earn her degree, taking her "core" communications courses at our local state college. During high school she "tested out" of her entire AA degree, earning ALL her credits through CLEP and Dantes exams. This is what ultimately led us to create and share the ClepPrep lesson plans. Our second daughter (also in her 30's and married with a family of her own) earned her AA through Thomas Edison State University and then a Graphic Design degree through Sessions College. After completing her degree she worked for an international jewelry company as their graphic designer/web designer. Eventually she opened her own graphic design company. Our third daughter (late 20's and married) also earned an AA through Thomas Edison as well as a Digital Design degree through Sessions College. She opened her own business where she films and edits video, capturing major life events, making them into high quality social media showcases (mini movies). Our oldest son (mid 20's) earned his AA through Thomas Edison, followed by a four-year degree in Organizational Leadership at Texas A&M (BAS degree). He is employed as a Media Director where he leads teams of staff, covering web design, video production, and other event technology. He is also employed by a major internet talent, where he films and edits gaming videos for a well-known Youtube channel. Lastly, our youngest son (20's) earned his BA in General Management degree through Thomas Edison State University, using a combination of online courses and ACE sources. He owns his own apparel business, which includes the multi-media aspects of branding and design. ALL of our children earned their college degrees without accumulating any college debt, to the amazement of their peers.

After learning all I could about CLEP/ACE, I decided to apply the same knowledge for my own benefit - yes, ME. Working with Thomas Edison State University, I graduated and used some of our ClepPrep lesson plans to complete my degree.

College is changing. There are now many options for earning credit from home. ClepPrep has affiliate partners, allowing us to share discounts with ClepPrep members. We also provide lesson plans to assist you in passing CLEP and Dantes exams. Finally, if you are overwhelmed or just need guidance, we can provide one on one coaching. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have faith in your journey and count your blessings. We believe that God has always made our paths straight. Learning how to earn ACE approved college credits has been just one more example of how God has shown us the "way to go" at each step in the road. We hope our experience is an encouragement to you on your own journey.

Tricia McQuarrie