Jacklyn DeGraff Cipriani


Completing college from home taught me how to manage my own time and be organized. I learned how to set and meet deadlines and how

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Madlyn Champion

@ArtofaChampion - Owner

Earning my degree from home empowered me with many life changing skills. For example, I am now a

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Abigail Glancey

@CapturetheGoodLife - Owner

Doing college from home positively impacted my life in ways that going away to a university for four years couldn't have done. I was able to learn

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Joshua McQuarrie

@VegasVideoSouthJersey - Owner

Completing my degree online has been a huge blessing and a jumpstart in my pursuit

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Jacob McQuarrie

@YakkemApparel - Owner

Completing college online, the way my mom had figured out, saved me (countless) dollars that i later poured into my business! I truly got

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