05 Jun

During the pandemic, many college students were impacted by school closures. Personal degree goals became difficult to meet. In fact, many students abandoned their college track altogether. My own son had his degree aspirations stalled during the pandemic. He was at the point in his degree where his core concentration needed to be completed. 

This core of the degree major is what we typically call “upper level” courses. Study.com is an excellent source for economical upper-level college credits. There are over 64 upper-level college courses available through Study.com and they are ACE approved for credit. Using these courses helped my son complete his General Management degree in record time, with substantial savings in money. 

The Study.com College Saver membership is an excellent value. A typical upper-level college course (300/400 level) can require multiple projects and papers. Study.com upper-level courses have minimal projects and papers, and those assignments are well outlined with clear directives. 

So if you have gotten off track in completing your college degree dream, consider the College Saver membership at Study.com. 

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Get back on track and save time and money today!

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