02 May


The past three months I have been taking a group of 9 high school students through a college course, with all of them striving to earn their first college credits. We chose Introduction to Computing as our first class. We are using the Study.com College Saver program to complete the course and earn college credit for the students.  We also accessed some videos on YouTube through the Code.org channel, as supplemental material to help add structure to our class time. The students have been motivated and find the lessons engaging. They are learning! 

As their teacher, I have found the flashcards and chapter practice tests to be excellent additional tools in preparing the students for their quizzes and the final exam. In addition, we are spending time reviewing the practice test for final exam, in preparation for the actual final exam that counts towards their grade. After your credits are earned, Study.com uses the Credly service to send you your ACE transcript to take to your college of choice. 

The benefits of the Study.com College Saver subscription for my students have been the flexibility and the low cost. There are over 220 available college courses on Study.com and no textbooks are needed. The video format is a plus for my students. They also like being able to take their proctored final exam from home. The students have saved money on the College Saver subscription by using the following link for a 25% discount https://bit.ly/3Okrcsf   

If you would like more information about how to earn college credit from home, please visit our website at ClepPrep.net

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